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Amateur’s are white or blue belt matches. Pro division is purple , brown, and black belt matches
Yes, if there is a matchup on a supercard with a lower belt vs a higher belt it will be an exhibition. However in our Grand Prix Tournament white and blues can qualify through our wildcard tournaments.

We have a couple different ways:

  1. Be at least a purple belt with an above .500 record for HCS in the last 12 months
  2. Be a previous year or weight Grand Prix Champion
  3. A brown or black belt with at least 1 HCS match in the last 12 months
  4. Win the wildcard tournament at the Grand Prix weight ( open to white,blue, and purple belts only)
For all our superfights weigh-ins will always be day before either virtually or in person. For our team events weigh-ins are the day of the event.
  • We now are able to give ticket and streaming commission to all fighters
  • Depending on the match/ event we award fighters with fight of the night prizes vary

We always accept sponsorship from any companies! Please email for more information or fill out our quick form and we’ll be in touch!

As of now all of our shows have been held at Zephyr, however this April we will be hosting our first event outside of Zephyr and look to do more in the future.

This April we will be doing our first kids and teen tournament! We are excited to be going in the direction of youth matches and hope to be a great platform for the next generation.